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Garage Iriki - Zagora

The cars to be used in a tour in Sahara should have two fundamental characteristics: robustness and good power at low revs. The robustness implies a steel frame and bridges generously dimensioned, must also be accompanied by a high ease of intervention in case of repairs. Vehicles with electronic injection, active suspension, inclusion of the four electric tractions are not recommended: the shock of African roads can cause irreparable damage and relay stations, and this can also mean the abandonment of the vehicle, not to mention that no mechanic North Africa will never repair an electronic fault, while in many cases will help in the repair of mechanical problems. The suspension, which is spring-loaded leaf spring, necessarily have to be reinforced to allow the loading of the stocks of food, water and fuel without affecting the height of the chassis from the ground. In the market there are springs of high tenacity and, in the spring, just add a blade just below the blade master, as long as the latter.

The wheels have considerable importance. The tires, large section can improve the buoyancy of sand, but at the same time the flare circles too high can damage the wheel bearings or even make possible bending of the bridges in potholes and bumps. Looking for a large-diameter increase ground clearance of the vehicle, but "stretch" the final reports, removing power at low and improving the speed and the extension. About the dilemma on alloy wheels or sheet, it can be said that both have pros and cons: an alloy rim weighs a third of that sheet but may break and, when bent, it is impossible to straighten it.

The "cavalry" is certainly important, but only if it develops at low speeds and on curves of continuity: a steep dune requires power at low speed and at low revs without forgetting the great weight of the load at the rear. A Uaz of only 70 horses have no difficulty because his few horses develop immediately from 500 rev / min. A Range Rover 130 horses must instead rely on a remarkable run because its torque arrives at 4000 rpm and before it has a hole of power. Any power allows overcoming massive dune: we need only adjust their driving to the characteristics of the medium. ItĀ“important is that, within a group, there is no uniform type of motorization. If a Pajero V6 traveling with a Land 88, will surely arise problems and there are worse problems in the cohabitation between motorcycles and cars, or between cars and trucks, unless the latter does not act as a support to the former.

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